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iSEMic 725TR Mess- und Aufnahmemikrofon - KIT

Ren S., Donnerstag, 07. April 2016


Below a quote from my blog were I've posted the results of a review/shootout of three 1/4" measuring microphones I've did some time ago:

"As expected the iSEMic 725TR (twice as expensive as the MicW i436) did a far better job, it followed the Neutrik 3382 nicely in both the frequency and SPL levels. The iSEMic microphone is of that quality that even the microphone can be used without the supplied frequency (free field and diffuse-90deg) correction files."

More can be read at my blog:

Greetings Ren Schrauwen

Datum: Donnerstag, 07. April 2016
Autor: Ren S.
Rezensionen zu: iSEMic 725TR Mess- und Aufnahmemikrofon - KIT

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