OPS 35 -385 Outdoor Protection System for microphones


The OPS 35 system is designed to be used with a large variety of microphones in the nominal mic diame-ter range of 1/4“ to 1/2“ as well as different mic length.
It is available of the shelf in two (2) standard length.

285mm for short microphones like iSEMcon’s
EMM-7101 upon others.



  • Adaptive design for 1/4“ and 1/2“ microphones other diameters upon request.
  • All modular length
  • Microphone protection in any weather
  • Build-in rain and drip gap
  • Optional roof top
  • Flexible mounting options from standard tripod con-nector
  • Removable top for microphone calibration
  • Durable microphone holding system
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Calibration file included
  • Optional microphone heater
  • Optional dust & hydrophobic filters


pdfdaten.gif Datasheet   ASCII.gif sample calibration file (freefield) 
cal-sheet.gif sample calibration sheet   cal-sheet.gif sample calibration sheet  



  • Microphone size: 1/2 inch imperial (12.7mm metric)
  • Microphone size: Customer specific, please specify 7...13.2mm (+ 28.00 USD)
  • Microphone size: 1/4 inch (EMX-7150 or equivalent)
  • Microphone size: 1/2 inch IEC (13.2mm metric)

from 453.00 USD, excl. Shipping costs