Signal converter SA-P48/CCP-C


Signalconverter, Phantom-power to CCP
to adapt CCP powered microphones and sensors to phantom power

    • linear frequency response
    • 4mA CCP power
    • 18...48v Phantom power, 12V operation microphone dependent
    • BNC CCP input connector


    • 4mA Constant current power
    • Selfbiasing - depends on attached CCP device
    • Linear frequency response 10...20000 Hz
    • Improved Voltage Surge Protection
    • Compatible (ICP, IEPE, Deltatron, AcoTron, Isotron, Piezotron *1)
    • Compact design
    • Temperature: 10 to +55ºC (+14 to +131ºF)

Optional Accessories:

    • Cables

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