SA-iBF Adapter


iSEMic microphone adapter for use with iPhone, iPad any many others following the CTIA / AHJ standard.


TRRS standards

Standard Tip Ring-1 Ring-2 Sleeve Devices using this Standard
OMTP Left Audio Right Audio Microphone Ground old Nokia (and also Lumia starting from the 2nd gen old Samsung (2012 Chromebooks), old Sony Ericsson (2010 and 2011 Xperias), old Wiko (2012-), Sony (PlayStation Vita), OnePlus One
CTIA / AHJ Left Audio Right Audio Ground Microphone Apple, HTC, latest Nokia, latest Samsung, latest Wiko (2013+), Jolla, Sony (Dualshock 4), Microsoft (including Surface, Lumia, and XboxOne controller with chat adapter)[17] most Android phones


more info: Wikipedia


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