Equipment case, normal MB-330-BOX


Measurement Equipment Case - Dust-/Waterprotection and Shock-Resistant
- 330 x 280 x 120 mm

The ideal case for our microphones and calibrator. Protects from humidity (O-ring seal), dust and shock. Cones with fold down molded handle and purge valve for easier opening under altitude conditions and temperature change. Upholstered using single precut foam layer and knob foam padding (bottom and cover)  Innenpolsterung. Polypropylene material, Polyurethane foam. Weight approx. 3.53 lbs. (1600g), Outside dimensions approx.. 330 x 280 x 120, inside 300 x 220 x 90 mm210 x 167 x 90 mm, Volume approx. 1.56 gal (5.9 l).


67,26 EUR, 16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs